Circlips India are manufacturers of Circlips, E-clips, Snap rings, Dowell Pins, Washers, Shims, Supporting Rings, Disc Washers, Preloading Washers, Crescent rings, Plain washers, Wave washers, Spring Dowells, Roll pins.


Circlips India Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1967 by late Mr. Hansraj S. Thaman with a vision of building a manufacturing company with the highest quality, technology, reliability and customer satisfaction.

App & Quality Control

The products manufactured by Circlips India are used internationally with success in all the industries. Having extensive experience in the field of circlips and precision electronic components.

Circlips Technology

Our unrivalled design expertise together with a unique combination of manufacturing and testing procedures ensures that CTPL remains the supreme circlips manufacturer in the Indian market.

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